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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Winners

Update 1/31/11: The prizes have all gone out except for Cameron Rogers'. Send me your mailing address, Cameron, and I'll get it right out to you.


To recap: I offered to give away two copies of NAMOR: THE FIRST MUTANT #5 to the people who could tell me, in 50 words or less, why they like Marvel’s underwater mutant. It took me longer than I expected to pick the winners…because the entries were all great.

So I decided to dig deep and give away FOUR copies instead of two. Here are the winning entries:


Kieran Maddy Wisser had a great take on Namor: “I'll be Frank, I like Namor because I'm a big fat nerd from Hawaii who likes the character because he's my two favorite things in one -- he's from Atlantis, my favorite mythical city, and so much of his character involves science and mysticism, usually in a way that keeps you wondering how they thought of this guy! He's not a particularly unique character, but he still stands out from the crowd of other water/fluid based superheroes and villains. Thank you for reading this message, and good luck!”

Rob Gorman won over this Jersey boy by saying: “I like Namor because he is the king of his domain (kind of like I & a lot of others feel). Also, I like that I have heard various pronunciations of the word Mariner over the years (my favorite being from stan lee in the history of marvel comics documentary). Finally, the fact that he went after sue richards reminds me of the Situation from Jersey Shore. lol!”

(Mariner’s too hard to pronounce. That’s why we went with Mutant.)


Leila Mae Moghimzadeh proved what I’ve always known: Namor’s got a lot of female fans out there. “After seeing some fan-girl spam posts on Namor, I couldn’t stop. His punch-in-the-face egotism and blunt remarks are some of my favorites. I also enjoy his romantic interest in Sue Richards. Nothing intimate will ever happen except in a “What If…” circumstance, but that’s what I enjoy about it.”


And Cameron “Battlechop” Rogers had the most inspiring story of all: “Subby's been my fave for the better part of 35 years and oddly enough, he was probably one of the subconscious reasons I got into submarines when I joined the Navy! A mutant anti-hero with a bad attitude in an age of square-jawed do-gooders; what's not to like? Plus, there's something to be said for a dude in a Speedo who can duke it out with the Hulk and occasionally come out the winner!”

There sure is, Cameron. Thanks.

Honorable mentions to go: Alex Hopf, David Vey, Lawrence Woods, and Dale Walker, who gets extra points for mentioning the film “Goldie and the Boxer.”

All four winners will receive NAMOR #5, plus a little extra or two from my comp pile. Congrats!

And just so we all don’t forget: on sale tomorrow, January 26th…


NAMOR: THE FIRST MUTANT #6. Namor Goes to Hell, Part One!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

NAMOR #5 - Free!

Update: The competition is closed. I'll reveal the winners by next Monday the 24th!


So NAMOR THE FIRST MUTANT is my ongoing monthly comic book from Marvel. It tells the continuing saga of Prince Namor of the underwater kingdom of Atlantis, one of Marvel’s oldest and most fascinating characters. Issues #1-4 introduced the Aqueos vampires in a story called ROYAL BLOOD, which tied in loosely with the X-Men’s CURSE OF THE MUTANTS storyline.

Issue #5 tells the story of three women in Namor’s life, all connected by an ancient Atlantean amulet. It spans a period from 1940 to the present day, and it features lovely artwork by Ariel Olivetti (modern sequences) and Brian Ching (1940s scenes), with a stunning cover by Mike Mayhew. It’s called FACES, a title that refers to the different faces of Namor himself: Destroyer, Lover, Egotist, and Hero.

I’m very proud of this issue. But it was released as it was over the holidays, and it got a little lost in the shuffle. So I’m giving away two copies of it to readers who haven’t yet jumped on the Namor bandwagon.


All you have to do is tell me, in 50 words or less, what you like about Marvel’s underwater mutant. It can be funny, sincere, tragic, or wildly inappropriate. I’ll pick my two favorite responses and mail you NAMOR #5, along with another extra or two from my comp collection.

You can post your entry here; send me a message on Facebook; or email it to . Just do it by MONDAY, JANUARY 17th.

Simple, right?

If you get the book and like it -- or if you’re already reading it -- please spread the word. NAMOR is continuing -- I’m about to start work on issues #9-12 -- but the market is crowded right now, and sales could be better. Issue #6, by me and Ariel, begins the story arc NAMOR GOES TO HELL, which I guarantee isn’t what you expect. It comes out on January 26th. And the trade paperback of ROYAL BLOOD will be available in February.


As Namor would say: Imperius Rex!