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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

NAMOR #5 - Free!

Update: The competition is closed. I'll reveal the winners by next Monday the 24th!


So NAMOR THE FIRST MUTANT is my ongoing monthly comic book from Marvel. It tells the continuing saga of Prince Namor of the underwater kingdom of Atlantis, one of Marvel’s oldest and most fascinating characters. Issues #1-4 introduced the Aqueos vampires in a story called ROYAL BLOOD, which tied in loosely with the X-Men’s CURSE OF THE MUTANTS storyline.

Issue #5 tells the story of three women in Namor’s life, all connected by an ancient Atlantean amulet. It spans a period from 1940 to the present day, and it features lovely artwork by Ariel Olivetti (modern sequences) and Brian Ching (1940s scenes), with a stunning cover by Mike Mayhew. It’s called FACES, a title that refers to the different faces of Namor himself: Destroyer, Lover, Egotist, and Hero.

I’m very proud of this issue. But it was released as it was over the holidays, and it got a little lost in the shuffle. So I’m giving away two copies of it to readers who haven’t yet jumped on the Namor bandwagon.


All you have to do is tell me, in 50 words or less, what you like about Marvel’s underwater mutant. It can be funny, sincere, tragic, or wildly inappropriate. I’ll pick my two favorite responses and mail you NAMOR #5, along with another extra or two from my comp collection.

You can post your entry here; send me a message on Facebook; or email it to . Just do it by MONDAY, JANUARY 17th.

Simple, right?

If you get the book and like it -- or if you’re already reading it -- please spread the word. NAMOR is continuing -- I’m about to start work on issues #9-12 -- but the market is crowded right now, and sales could be better. Issue #6, by me and Ariel, begins the story arc NAMOR GOES TO HELL, which I guarantee isn’t what you expect. It comes out on January 26th. And the trade paperback of ROYAL BLOOD will be available in February.


As Namor would say: Imperius Rex!

1 comment:

Erik said...

Awesome gesture. I hope it went to someone who goes on to value the series as much as my girl and I.

Incidentally, great job thus far. You write a spot-on Namor, and this issue in particular really captured the varied facets of Marvel's original superstar!