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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Two Short Subjects

Two short pieces upcoming from Marvel Comics, for your amusement:


BREAKING INTO COMICS THE MARVEL WAY #1 is an interesting book. It's a mixture of short stories and how-to features. Each of the stories pairs an artist discovery (courtesy of Marvel talent guru C.B. Cebulski) with an experienced writer. My story, featuring Iron Man, is a collaboration with Joe Suitor -- and, unlike most of the creative teams in the book, we've already worked together, on a Spider-Man/Man-Thing one-shot last year.

"Icarus's Wings" is a story about the responsibility Tony Stark feels for the incredible technology he's loosed on the world. I threw a hell of a lot at Joe, and he came through beautifully, as seen above. For more information on the book, go here.

On sale March 3rd. Only $3.99 for 56 pages, too.

Then...for something much lighter...


WHO WON'T WEAR THE SHIELD? is a humorous one-shot designed to show just how many Marvel characters are totally unsuited to bear the standard of Captain America. There were a lot of characters to choose from...but somehow, I got Deadpool. I hear you groaning...Deadpool again? But this isn't regular Deadpool. It isn't Lady Deadpool, Dogpool, or the Deadpool Corps. It's an ALL!NEW! Deadpool whose very existence will make you smack your head and say "Of course!" then run off to scrub your brain with battery acid. I wish I could tell you WHAT Deadpool it is, but I can't. Yet. Maybe soon.

Anyway, enjoy the Forbush-Man cover by Gerard Parel. And even if my little Deadpool story doesn't thrill you, look who else is in the book: Jason Aaron, Brian Michael Bendis, and Matt Fraction. That's got to be worth four bucks.

On sale April 7th. Funny solicitation copy, and a closer look at that cover, here.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Wednesday: Pedal to the Metal with Deadpool!


It's finally here! The comic book that'll make trucking HUGE again! That cover says it all, hopefully. If not, there's a five-page preview here. Be there, good buddy!

prv4329_pg4 detail

Update: Great interview with artist Shawn Crystal here.