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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

EGOs #0 — Free Today (2/11/14) on Twitter!

As I write this, we're about to go live. Follow this link!

Friday, February 7, 2014

Thursday, February 6, 2014

EGOs #0 Is Coming 2/11/14 — Free For All!

An original prequel told in 140-character prose installments, with new art! Go follow Twitter feed @EGOsComicZero right now. More info here!

Sunday, February 2, 2014

You Still Love EGOs!

Right now! Go to Twitter and follow @EGOsComicZero. In a little over a week, you’ll get something amazing. Fingers crossed.

Meanwhile, pardon our pride as we bathe in the incredible praise for EGOs, like Scrooge McDuck in his money bin:

“Pairing casual, inviting narration with a quickly paced story balancing action and exposition makes this a highly entertaining and accessible debut, and that final twist boosts the momentum into overdrives to promise a thrilling journey ahead.”
            - Oliver Sava & Matt D. Wilson, The A.V. Club

An entertaining story that leaves me wanting more… A solid debut that introduces a nice cast, a solid villain, and a lot of questions that I’m more than willing to continue to read.”
            -Patrick Hayes, SciFi Pulse

“Moore and Storms have created an immediately interesting comic book with potentially intriguing characters in what I hope will continue to be an interesting and original story.”
            -Ian Simpson, Geek Syndicate

By the end of this first issue, you are left with a decent understanding of the past; a general direction moving forward; and a feel for the characters.   From what I’ve read, there is sure to be plenty of death, action and adventure−hopefully in that order. Final words: I dig it.”
            -jEZ, First Comics News

“The first issue was a pacey, stimulating little package that sits very nicely alongside other Image titles such as Manhattan Projects, Jupiter's Legacy and Prophet. If it maintains its quality, it deserves to do well.”
            -Tom Murphy, Full-Page Bleed

EGOs #1 isn’t a perfect book, but it is ambitious. It is a superhero sci-fi space opera in a semi-dystopian future, and instead of being a mess, it is actually pretty cool…Give it a shot.”
            -Crisis on Infinite Midlives

“A fun trip into the future of super science and dimension hopping. Moore has written an engaging and witty intro into this new world. Artist Gus Storms does an excellent job with his layouts and pacing. He has a simple, scratchy style reminiscent of Nick Pitarra’s work on The Manhattan Projects. For his first comic book work, not too shabby at all.”
            -Guy Copes III, God Hates Geeks

EGOs #1 is gearing up to be something that requires total commitment on the part of the reader, but the reward will be well worth it.”
            -Jonathan Pilley, Omnicomic