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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Wednesday: Wolverine - Under the Boardwalk


One week late but worth the wait: WOLVERINE: UNDER THE BOARDWALK, a one-shot psychological thriller by me and Tomm Coker (DAREDEVIL NOIR). This one started with a simple idea: What if Wolverine, who's been around for a while, met up with a woman he'd had a brief fling with forty years ago? Of course, it's not as simple as catching up over tea. There's the matter of a beat-down that Logan never got over, and a body buried somewhere under the...yeah, you get it.

Tomm Coker really drew the hell out of this one, aided by the moody colors of Daniel Freedman. On sale Wednesday, December 9th from Marvel Comics, only $3.99 for a full 32 pages of story and art. The perfect holiday gift for someone you only want to spend four dollars on.

Oh, and there's an eight-page preview here.