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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Amazing Spider-What Now?


This one totally sneaked up on me: Marvel recently published the collection AMAZING SPIDER-MAN: FAMILY TIES, which features not one but two Spidey stories by yours truly.

"Bridge and Tunnel" is a little New York love letter with sharp, kinetic art by Val Semeiks. But the much longer tale is "Fear Itself," in which Spider-Man teams up -- if that's the right phrase -- with the monstrous Man-Thing. Featuring lovely art by Joe Suitor that manages to look like watercolors and animation art at the same time. A small taste:


The book also features work by too many cool people to mention, including "The Amazing Spider-Ma'am" by Abby Denson and Colleen Coover. Go grab it for $14.99 now.

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