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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Amazing Spider-Man Family #3


I've got a five-page story in this issue, out tomorrow (Wednesday). It's called "Bridge and Tunnel," which will mean something to the New Yorkers and -- he abruptly realized -- probably sound kind of dull to everyone else. Spider-Man must escape from the remote hell that is: Brooklyn! (And remember, he's from Queens.)

Above: a couple of uninked panels by Val Semeiks, who did a terrific job.

Update: Also in this issue is the debut of The Amazing Spider-Ma'am, written by my very cool neighbor Abby Denson and drawn by Colleen Coover! Details here.


Dan Coyle said...

Wow, I think this may be the first time Semeiks has ever drawn a Spider-Man story.

allen Herbert said...

I Sent a older post regarding your Earthlight Comic Book..

Please check out this New York Times article.

There may be synergy

Stuart Moore said...

Dan: Could be. You can't see it from those panels, but he draws a very nice, John Romita Sr.-ish Spidey.

Allen: Very interesting! I suspect Float Ball is a little ways off, but I'll be watching...

Dan Coyle said...

Actually, his Spidey sort of reminded me of Patrick Scherberger's, not that that's a bad thing. Or maybe it was because Scherberger drew this week's What If? as well, which contained one of the most awesome Wolverine moments ever.

In any case, both Semeiks stories in the issue were pretty good.