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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Spider-Man: Fear Itself - out this week


Only $3.99, featuring Spider-Man and Man-Thing -- with 34 pages of story and 21st-century neo-animation art by the amazing Joe Suitor (see below).

This interview will tell you as much as you want to know without actually reading the comic.

Previous blog entries, with more sample art: here, here, and here.

Buy it! (Then let me know what you thought.)

Update: Eight-page preview here. (Nine, if you count the character-descriptions page.)



Dan Coyle said...

Not a bad little story, though I'm surprised they didn't just put this in the regular ongoing.

Stuart Moore said...

Thanks. I may have something in the ongoing soon...

Dan Coyle said...

Speaking of ongoing, this smelled suspiciously like a pitch for more Man-Thing stories. I can just imagine an issue #1 out in the 70s- "In this issue- WHAT does the Man-Thing FEAR?"

So, will we be seeing Stuart Moore's Man-Thing if this one-shot sells, Giant-Sized or Otherwise?

Stuart Moore said...

Ha! I love the character and would write him(/her/it) anytime...but that wasn't the intention at all. It was intended almost as a last word on the character.

I also think third-tier solo-character comics are going to be the hardest thing for DC and Marvel to launch in the next few years. But that's a whole other essay.

weird said...

Weird,that this name will be used for This year event.
wonders,were this a coincident?