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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Reminder: Hanley's Signing Tonight

Tonight at 6:00 - 8:00: Me, Joe Harris, and Bill Sienkiewicz at Jim Hanley's Universe, 44 West 33rd Street in Manhattan, signing THE NIGHTMARE FACTORY vol. 2. More details here and here.

To give you a taste: Here are the first four pages of "The Chymist," one of the four stories in NMF v2. Adapted from the original story by Thomas Ligotti, by me and artist Toby Cypress.





RahadyanT said...

Thanks for signing my copy of Nightmare Factory 2 at Jim Hanley's last night. I look forward to reading the book. I remember Toby Cypress's work on Brian Wood's The Tourist. Best regards, Rahadyan

Stuart Moore said...

Good to meet you too, Rahadyan! Hope you like the book.

ALlen Herbert said...

Please read this article in the New York TImes about Space Sports.. I think there is some synergy for your Earthlight novels..

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