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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Nightmare Factory - Back For More!


The new volume of THE NIGHTMARE FACTORY is out, featuring four stories adapted from the works of cult horror legend Thomas Ligotti. My two stories are:

"The Chymist," illustrated by Toby Cypress
"Sect of the Idiot," art by Nick Stakal

There are also two other pieces:

"Gas Station Carnivals," by Joe Harris and Vasilis Lolos
"The Clown Puppet," by Joe Harris and Bill Sienkewicz

As with the previous volume, this is a gorgeous package courtesy of HarperCollins and Fox Atomic Studios -- lovely paper, lush color throughout. My two collaborators really did a fantastic job, and you can't go wrong with the rest of the talent on the book.

Heidi Macdonald, editor of the volume, talks about it here . You can read a couple of early reviews here and here.

We'll be doing promotion around Halloween -- I'll post a schedule when I have it. And I've got more projects to announce soon, so watch for this blog to get a lot more active (he said, filled as always with fresh hope).


Jason Copland said...

Ha... yeah, I was wondering where you got off to...

zaneasher said...

Stuart, hey this is Robert from Fantasy Book Critic. Just wanted to let you know that I've recently posted a review of "The Nightmare Factory 2". You can check it out here: