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Wednesday, October 17, 2007



While I wasn't looking, REDWALL - the Graphic Novel slipped into comic shops and bookstores. This is a faithful adaptation of the first novel in Brian Jacques's much-loved fantasy series, about a group of mice and badgers under assault from the evil rat Cluny the Scourge and his minions. It was once described to me as "Wind in the Willows meets Lord of the Rings," which is about as close as you can get...with its own brand of charm and adventure.

School Library Journal says: "The adaptation of the novel is excellent; even this condensed form captures the spirit and the language of the original...The story is a page-turner, and the detailed black-and-white drawings capture both the passion and the pathos."

I provided the script adaptation, and Bret Blevins came through with the best art of his career. Comics fans may remember Bret from his '80s and '90s Marvel work, which was often excellent -- but he's much more at home here. See the sample pages below.

More information on the Amazon page.




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Wow, that's beautiful!

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