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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The 99


This week, Teshkeel Comics begins its U.S. publication schedule in earnest with THE 99 #1. THE 99 is a multinational, multicultural team of teenaged superheroes, each of whom possesses one of 99 Noor Stones -- ancient gems of power that bring out a particular attribute within each person. The first few members: Jabbar the Powerful, Noora the Light (pictured on cover #1, above), Darr the Afflicter, and Jami the Assembler (cover #2, below).

THE 99 has already been published in Kuwait, and distributed overseas to great acclaim. This past summer, Teshkeel distributed two free preview issues to comic shops in the U.S., each featuring two full-length stories. Check with your local shop to see if they're available.

These are superhero comics aimed largely at kids, designed deliberately to foster a message of international and cross-cultural cooperation. The first two issues each feature lead stories co-written by creator Naif al-Mutawa and Fabian Nicieza, with art by John McCrea; and back-features written by me, with art by Steve Yeowell (#1) and McCrea (#2). I'll have some full-length stories later in the run.

Check 'em out. More information on Teshkeel -- which also publishes Marvel, DC, and Archie comics overseas -- here.

UPDATE: Very nice interview with Fabian about THE 99 on Comic Book Resources.


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