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Saturday, October 20, 2007

January: Two Trades


Briefly noted: In January, Marvel has two trade paperbacks featuring my work:

NEW AVENGERS / TRANSFORMERS is collected into a single volume for the low, low price of $10.99 US. Doctor Doom, the Autobots, and Giant Iron Man vs. Megatron. And admit it: There's some small, shameful, reptile part of your brain that's always wanted to see Luke Cage buddy up with Ratchet.

And GHOST RIDER: APOCALYPSE SOON collects two regular issues of Daniel Way's run on the book, along with my Annual -- which isn't even out yet. Introducing the mysterious Mister Eleven...a man trapped between Heaven and Hell, who seeks Ghost Rider for his own, selfish reasons.



Dan Coyle said...

"Small part?" Mr. Moore, I've been waiting for this thing for 22 years!

Stuart Moore said...

Ha! Hope it works (or worked) for you!

Dan Coyle said...

I didn't read all the issues intently because frankly I wasn't into Tyler Kirkham's artwork (I know he's a hot property and all, but I can think of so many artists I would have rather seen drawing it), but the scene in the final issue with Spidey's homage to TF #3 sold me on the trade, anyway. And I'm looking forward to the Ramjet spotlight.