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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Out Now: Wolverine Noir Premiere Hardcover


I've really got to start paying attention to trade paperback release schedules...out this week (i.e., yesterday) is the WOLVERINE NOIR collected hardcover edition, with story by me, art by the incredible CP Smith, and color by the equally incredible Rain Beredo. Featuring the tragic tale of Jim Logan, P.I., as he plies his trade in New York's skid row Bowery district in 1937.

Update: And beautiful alternate covers by Dennis Calero -- including the image seen above.

Update update: The book also features my original script for issue #1!

We're really proud of this one. A few comments from here and there, carefully edited to make us look good:

"This new title from the Marvel noir run is very entertaining. The art is impressive, providing for a very unsettling and never comfortable tone."
-Alex Rodriguez, Comics Bulletin

"this wasn't a story I want to read in chunks over a few months. I want to know what's coming next. You win, Wolverine. I'm intrigued...The art in Wolverine Noir is gorgeous."
-Nina Stone, The Factual Opinion

"Absolutely incredible, a perfectly paced story, with brilliant artwork all the way until the final last panel. The next wave of Noir books have big shoes to fill, and a long shadow to walk in. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, YOU MUST PICK UP THIS SERIES!"
- Adam Chapman, Comixtreme

WOLVERINE NOIR - Premiere Hardcover. $19.95. Buy it. It might just save your life.*


*It won't save your life. But buy it anyway.

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