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Monday, March 23, 2009

This Week: Tribbles!


Behold, Terran, on the thrice-cursed viewscreen! 'Tis the STAR TREK ALIEN SPOTLIGHT: TRIBBLES, by myself and Mike Hawthorne, from the Denebian slimeworms at IDW Publishing!

Featuring: a hapless freighter crew! The dregs of the Klingon Empire! And a world of tribbles!


Read the online preview!

Catch up on the making of!

Read Mike Hawthorne's crazy-busy art blog!

If there's a fuzzy, trilling, blob-shaped hole in your entertainment world -- and you know there is -- then get to your local comic shop this Wednesday, March 25th!


(Caution: transporting between star systems may violate Starfleet regulations.)

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