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Tuesday, May 31, 2011



Here's where I'll be sailing to, this year:

JULY 20-24: Comic-Con 2011 San Diego! The big one, the mob scene, the one that separates the literati from the Wookies. I got a nice hotel room this year, so there was no turning back.

AUGUST 11-14: Chicago Comic Con / Wizard World. I'm an official guest at this one, baby...haven't been to Rosemont for several years, and I'm really looking forward to it. From the looks of the guest list, I'll be the meat in the Bruce Campbell/Morena Baccarin sandwich (rrrowr!).

OCTOBER 13-16: New York Comic Con. The big new kid on the block, and the best con of all if you're looking for Brits still hungover and cigarette-deprived from their transAtlantic flights. Fun, except I have to commute home every night.

Details on appearances & times to come. Hope to see you all out there -- and bring the kids. You can trade them in for old issues of KOBRA!


Raymond Ayala said...

Stuart, hope all is well sir. I sat in on the Editing Panel you were a part of at NYCC, great stuff. As a result I have two short comics I'd like to send you, just to read and if you have a pointer or two I'm all ears. If you wouldn't mind a quick read send me a note at Just free comics and a willing ear.

Stuart Moore said...

Ray: Just emailed you a reply. Thanks for coming to the panel!