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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The New Awesome


Out today: CAPTAIN AMERICA: WHO WON'T WEAR THE SHIELD?, a never-to-be-repeated one-shot featuring:

The gritty new adventures of FORBUSH-MAN, by Jason Aarons and Mirco Pierfederici!

The trippy debut of DOCTOR AMERICA, by Matt Fraction and Brendan McCarthy!

And my own contribution: The collectors' item first app of THE GOLDEN AGE DEADPOOL, with art by Joe Quinones!


It's a heartbreaking story of two World Wars and one madman who coughs a lot. Plus it makes fun of some of some revered old Captain America stories.

See a preview of all three stories here. Then go to your local comic shop for the main feature. Don't wait for the iPad version...all your friends will laugh at you. Laughter. It hurts, doesn't it?



Sandra said...

This has nothing to do with your Deadpool story, but I just saw the announcement about Namor's new ongoing monthly, and had to find you and say THANK YOU! I'm a huge fan of the Sub-Mariner, and have desperately wanted to see him back in his own book, ever since I came back to comics with his Initiative mini-series. I've been disappointed by Namor's cameos in the X-men, but am intrigued by Atlantean vampires. Sooooo looking forward to seeing what you do with character in his own book.

Stuart Moore said...

Thank you! We should be releasing more information about the Namor book soon. It springs out of his appearances in X-Men, but it's very definitely Namor's story.