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Sunday, May 17, 2009

One More from Wolverine Noir #2

Calling Private Detective Jim Logan:


On sale this coming Wednesday. More details in the entry below.


Dan Coyle said...

Is Smith trying out a new style in this? It's similar to The Programme but also different, more detailed in some respects.

BTW, anyone who hasn't read The Programme should do so RIGHT FUCKING NOW.

Stuart Moore said...

Yes, I think he is. There's some interesting stuff going on with the combat almost reminds me of old adventure strips.

Dan Coyle said...

Nice issue. Excellent use of another longtime Wolverine supporting character.

C. Fitzpatrick said...

Hey Stuart,

First off, I loved what you and CP did on your stand-alone issue of WOLVERINE and I'm certainly going to be picking up WOLVERINE NOIR in TPB. I've been hoping that if WOLVERINE ever gets round to having a steady creative team, that maybe you and CP would be the guys for it.

I do however, have a question I hope you an take a little time to answer, despite it not really being related to NOIR. I want it to be known I’m not some frothing at the mouth fan boy but I was just a little pissed when I recently learned you were editor of Garth Ennis' PUNISHER during Wolverine's infamous guest appearance.

I'm just trying to understand why you allowed (if I’m wrong about your responsibilities or role as editor on PUNISHER, please correct me!) Garth to present an intentionally bad and a really vicious parody of Wolverine? Surely this could only be harmful to the character.

Sorry if that was kinda lengthy for a blog question and thanks in advance for any response!

Stuart Moore said...

C: That's a very good question. In fact, it's so good a question I think it deserves its own blog entry. Check back in a few minutes...