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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Now Soliciting: Wolverine Noir


Coming in April: WOLVERINE NOIR, a four-issue miniseries by me and artist CP Smith.

The brief for the Noir line was to reimagine Marvel's characters as non-powered characters in a dark, crime-oriented setting. WIth Wolverine, that was easy. To me he's always been just a tough guy with knives; the only difference here is that the knives aren't built-in. Instead, he's a down-and-out P.I. in 1937, running the detective agency LOGAN & LOGAN with his partner, Dog. Everyone thinks they're brothers...but the truth is much more tangled than that. When Dog disappears on an errand for the beautiful Mariko Yashida, Logan's dark past comes bubbling back up in a paroxysm of guilt and violence.

CP Smith and I have worked on two Wolverine stories before, both collected in the trade paperback BLOOD AND SORROW. He's one of the most powerful stylists in comics right now, and this is probably his best work to date.


And check out the variant cover by Dennis Calero, artist of X-MEN NOIR:



Dan Coyle said...

I see that first cover and all I think of is Ralph Wiggum cuddling a Brillo pad: "It's cold! And HURTY!"

Jason Copland said...

Cool stuff! I LOVE Smith's work. You've been teamed with a few great artists now, eh, particularly Smith and Cypress.

Jason Copland said...
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Stuart Moore said...

Thanks, guys. I've worked with CP before...he's got a very powerful style. Plus he's a research freak, which is very cool. We prowled around the transit museum in NYC for hours last year, looking at old trains.

Anonymous said...
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