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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Some Things That Happened

• The wonderfully gracious and talented Colleen Doran notes THE NIGHTMARE FACTORY Volume 1's recent award, and says unduly nice things about me.

• The also-gracious Tim O'Shea posts an interview with me and Joe Harris about Volume 2.

• And, uh, something else nice too.



Anonymous said...

Hey, Stuart...

I just noticed you won the IHG for your Ligotti adpatation. Great work. Long time no anything. How are you? Really enjoyed working with you on Vermillion, short-lived tho it were...


Stuart Moore said...

Hey Lucius - great to hear from you. I'm good, very busy these You seem to have a new book out every time I turn around.

Love your group blog, too. Nice piece warning about the dangers of chronically recurring Clintonism.