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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Wolverine Noir


Another project announced at the recent Diamond summit: WOLVERINE NOIR, by me and CP Smith. CP and I have collaborated on two Wolverine stories before; I love his graphic, photorealistic style. Those two previous stories -- "The Healing" and "The Package" -- are collected in the trade paperback WOLVERINE: BLOOD AND SORROW.

The panel above is from "The Package," and features a very different Wolverine than you'll meet in the Noir miniseries. The assignment here was to recreate Marvel characters in a more realistic, crime-story milieu; our book is set in the 1930s, in New York's Bowery district, at the time one of the country's worst skid rows.

WOLVERINE NOIR is scheduled for early 2009. I hope to have some art to show soon.


c. jorge said...

I've posted a brief reference to your new project here:
Thanks for the great works!

Stuart Moore said...

And thanks for spreading the word!

C. Fitzpatrick said...

Hello Stuart. I just found out about this project today, can't believe I missed it. I adored your last collaboration with C.P. Smith in Wolverine #41 so I'll definately be getting Wolverine: Noir.

Just wanted to know, since Logan was already around in the 1930s, this could be set in the Marvel universe since this character can fit into a noir story pretty easily - is it, and if not, is there some cool noir twist on the character that you're willing to divulge?

Look forward to the book!

Stuart Moore said...

Sorry I didn't see this till now! C., the Logan timeline did occur to me -- of all the Noir books, this one could take place within regular continuity. But the line has a common background and some ground rules that would make that impossible. The weird thing is that Logan is just Logan to me, no matter what setting you put him in. I think that's why he's such a durable character.

C. Fitz said...

No worries, Stuart. I appreciate the response, the good answer, and look forward to reading Noir.

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