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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

New Avengers: Fireline


I don't usually blog much about these because they're not available in normal retail outlets. But people ask about them, so...

The latest NEW AVENGERS special created specifically for the U.S. military is FIRELINE, a tale of Spider-Man, Iron Man, and a surprise guest star fighting forest fires alongside the National Guard in California. Oh, and the Incredible Hulk, too...though I'm not ready to reveal whether he's on the heroes' side or the fire's. Art is provided by Cliff Richards, who did such a nice job on the previous volume (THE SPIRIT OF AMERICA) and who's known for his work on BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER.

This is the third of these books that I've written for Marvel and the AAFES, which distributes them to our soldiers around the world. Earlier issues were written by Paul Jenkins, Brian Bendis, and Robert Kirkman. They're basically in-continuity one-shots teaming up super heroes with various branches of the military; they're tricky to write, but it's satisfying that people seem to like them. Sgt. Michael Dean has put up a nice website about them here.

FIRELINE is available to domestic servicemen and women in July, and overseas in August.

Oh, and don't forget: IRON MAN #31 is out today.


brad said...

Hello. I work as part of the Ikhana instrument team from NASA Ames. My role is one of the fire sensor operators. We are currently at NASA Dryden planning to fly the current California fires tomorrow, but may have issues with the weather, etc.

Someone just came by with a copy of your "Fireline" comic from the exchange here on base (Edwards AFB). Thank you for your work dramatizing and spreading the information about the role of the Ikhana in fighting fires in the Western US.

Stuart Moore said...

Brad: Thanks for stopping by. I was sweating about getting the details right...hope there aren't too many mistakes. And, much more importantly, good luck tomorrow.

SGT Dean said...

I can't comment much on this issue - still waiting for it to hit Alaska - but thanks again for your work on these. And thanks for the mention.