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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

This Is Not The Worst Thing You've Caught Me Doing

Why have I not been posting?

Because I've been writing this


and this

Four issues, starting in May (with the movie). It's a lot of work to write -- the tech and the military details all have to be right -- but Tony Stark is just a great, great character at this point. And I like the Alpha Team, too.

More soon!


Dan Coyle said...


Oh, I thought the Knaufs were still writing the book. Anyway, looking forward to your arc!

You gonna be at NYCC?

Stuart Moore said...

I'm on for four issues while the Knaufs do some TV work. It's a big, splashy, four-part Iron Man/SHIELD story.

And yes, I'll be at the NY con pretty much the whole time. I'll post a schedule when I get a few more things confirmed.

Dan Coyle said...

Are you going to bring in that Autobot size Iron Man you used in New Avengers/Transformers? Because that would be... really geekalicious.

Stuart Moore said...

Ha! I loved that too. It doesn't fit in this story...but I am adding a few gadgets to Iron Man's "normal" Extremis armor...

Massagem said...
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