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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

New Avengers / Transformers trade paperback

Out today. One volume, collecting the whole miniseries by me and Tyler Kirkham.

Below: the team-up you never thought you'd see -- Luke Cage of the New Avengers, and Ratchet of the Autobots. Discussing rescue strategy and the nature of command.



Dan Coyle said...

I just finished this last night. While it wasn't The Brothers Kazmarov or the epic 12 issue double-sized miniseries that's been playing in my head for 22 years, it WAS a lot of fun, and much more entertaining that Bendis' work in the regular titles.

You hit the right notes.

Stuart Moore said...

Thanks, Dan. We kept the plot small-scale on purpose, knowing we only had four issues to play with...and a lot of characters to fit in.

Dan Coyle said...

And hey, I liked it so much I got the Ghost Rider trade too, so I'll let you know what I thought about that when I get around to finishing it.

But again, I'm having so many problems with Bendis' take on the Avengers that it was nice to just read a story where the Avengers just went out and fought some bad guys. But his stuff keeps selling, so what do I know?