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Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Transformers Spotlight: Ramjet


Out today: a self-contained one-shot by me and Robby Musso. Five reasons you should buy it:

• Robby draws the best Decepticons in the business.
• The opening sequence features two alien planes speeding clear across the world while having a nice, long conversation.
• Ramjet has a cone for a head.
• This story follows on my AVENGERS/TRANSFORMERS miniseries, but it stands completely on its own. No prior knowledge is necessary.
• It wasn't until I finished writing this book that I realized I'd written a variation on a classic Warner Brothers cartoon plot, adapted for the modern Transformers milieu.

From IDW Publishing - $3.99 US. For a preview, go here.


Dan Coyle said...

Hey Stuart, I just finished it an hour ago. I really enjoyed it- that last page was hilarious. Musso's art was terrific.

Stuart Moore said...

Thanks! So far, Transformers fans seem to like it...

Dan Coyle said...

I just loved it when in the middle of Ramjet gloating about his master plan, Megatron was right behind him.

Oh, the Mini Constructions? MORE!

RKelly said...

Ramjet!! Many hours I played with him. I wish I was drawing this! I'm going to check this out