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Thursday, September 6, 2007

My Buddy


Ladies and gentlemen, Puck the Cat. Seventeen years old, slowing down a little but still a complete asshole. He needs medicine swabbed in his ear twice a day; one time, when a sitter tried to do it, he pissed all over the sitter and THEN all over the sitter's duffel bag. That sure ruined somebody's plans for the evening, didn't it? DIDN'T IT YOU CUTE LITTLE WOOBIE DOOBIE?

Puck's favorite period was when we had a bachelor pad, just the two of us. He still hasn't forgiven me for moving us in with a woman. In 1993.

He went to the doctor recently. When they pulled him out of the carrier, he went postal, spazzed his way past two trained vets onto the floor, then calmed down completely. I think he just had to let them know: I still got it.

He's my best friend.


Martha Thomases said...

My cat is 17 years old (18 next month) and she's still a skittish, demanding super-model.

Stuart Moore said...

Our vet told us, somewhat admiringly, that our cat was an "evil cat" and that they tend to live longer because of the evil in them. Sounds like you've got one too.