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Monday, August 13, 2007

San Diego Photo Parade


That's about it -- the museum/ship across the street from my hotel. I don't take many photos.

I do have one observation about the convention: In these difficult times, it struck me as odd how few politically-themed comics I saw displayed. I guess it's the usual reason -- when you have an administration so singlemindedly determined to dismantle all the things that make this country function, people are more interested in escaping that reality than exploring its frightening ramifications. (How's the food supply doing?) And, of course, corporations are afraid to buck the government that they rely on for favors.

But still...there's a growing groundswell of populism out there, and even the timid mainstream media acknowledges it by covering the Presidential candidates far more than they do the actual White House. It'd be nice to see some of that explored in comics. The only project I've seen lately that qualifies is Warren Ellis's excellent Black Summer.

Yes, I know. Do it yourself, right? I have, and I will again.

End of parade (bum bumpa-bum).

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