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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Now Soliciting: Ghost Rider Annual #1


Pencils & Cover by BEN OLIVER
Meet the mysterious Mister Eleven -- a powerful player with a unique place in the battle between Heaven and Hell! But is he an angel, a demon, or something else entirely? Ghost Rider and Lucifer may find out -- if they survive an epic battle in a snow-covered, deserted amusement park! This story by Stuart Moore (NEW AVENGERS/TRANSFORMERS, MARVEL COMICS PRESENTS) and Ben Oliver (ULTIMATE X-MEN) stands alone, but also introduces an important new character into the Ghost Rider mythos!
48 PGS./Rated T+ …$3.99

An interesting project...I had an idea for a new character that might fit in with GHOST RIDER, and Axel Alonso liked it. GHOST RIDER has a tougher tone to capture than you might think; it's part horror, part action-adventure, and part comedy. I think it came together nicely.

I also wanted to throw Ghost Rider into snowy New England, since most of his stories are set in the rural south or southwest.

Ben Oliver is mostly known for his ULTIMATE X-MEN work, but he's done this whole book in graywash and it looks really wild. A nice departure from a talented artist.

On sale November 14th.


Jason Copland said...

Looks (and sounds) very cool!

Stuart Moore said...

Thanks, Jason! Your icon looks a little like the guy on the cover...

Jason Copland said...

But I'm far less evil. ;)