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Monday, August 13, 2007



Earthlight is one of my favorite projects. It's the story of a high school class on the first moon colony, in the year 2068...Degrassi In Space, if you will. (Or Dawson's Crater?)

What made the book click for me -- aside from Chris Schons's expressive and detailed artwork -- is the pressure all the kids are under, in this dangerous, experimental environment. If a mistake doesn't kill you, it could still get your whole family sent back to Earth in disgrace. That's a lot to shoulder every day.

Volume Two came out in early July. I was going to put a few pages up here, but almost any preview would give away the shock ending of Volume One. But if you're feeling especially Lunar, Tokyopop has it previewed here. If you register, you get a LOT more pages (and a lot more spoilers).

Volume Three is already written and being drawn for early 2008 publication.

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groonk said...

i picked up vol 1 of this many months ago. haven't finished it yet. now that i see there's a vol 2 and soon to be vol 3, i'm gonna re-double my efforts.